Product Name Origin Available Package Packaging Type
Palestainian Olive Oil Palestinian 16 kg Tin
Syrian Olive Oil Syrian 16 kg Tin
O-Live Olive Oil Syrian 10 ml Sachet
O-Live Olive Oil Syrian 20 ml Sachet

Olive Oil benefits

1. Help improving general health status
Help improving general health status & healing some health issues, due to having multiple important anti-oxides & Nutrients, like unsaturated acids.

2. Relieves gastritis and ulcers.
Having a table spoon before breakfast helps to relieve gastritis and ulcers, as well as settling the digestive system disorders, and maintaining it in a good functioning shape, by disposing of stomach bloating.

3. Protecting Liver – Virus C patients
Very effective in protecting against Virus C, by having a table spoon with a glass of grape fruit juice in the morning (Empty Stomach), as this helps to prevent the virus from getting to the healthy cells.

4. Helps in losing weight
Having Olive Oil in the morning helps in weight loss, as it can be used before breakfast as a diet to reduce the hunger feeling due to the richness in Oleic Acid which transforms into Oleo ethanol lamed Hormone to give the fullness feeling.

5. Controls Cholesterol levels
Having a daily small table spoon of Olive Oil helps in controlling the levels of Cholesterol & triglycerides

How do you differentiate between original and fake olive oil?

1. Strong odor
Olive oil has a strong odor, which can be distinguished from any other odor.

2. Original olive oil is green color
when it has been recently compressed and then becomes light yellow.

3. Original olive oil more viscous
Oil is examined by touching it. It is known that the original olive oil in its viscosity is greater than any other type of other oils.

4. Acidity
The oil can be examined by tasting and checking the percentage of acidity . If the acidity is high, it means that the oil is not pure and not original. If the acidity is low (should not exceed one percent), it means that the oil is original and high quality. You find the acidity rate mentioned in the product specifications when you buy it, check it well before you buy it.


Home method to know the original olive oil

To find out if the olive oil is original and to avoid buying olive oil foaming, here’s how:

Bring a bowl with two or more tablespoons of oil and then close it. Put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours if the oil is frozen and cohesion it is original oil, but if it remains liquid as it is most probably not original or adulterated.

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